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The cryptocurrency market has given quite a few people the opportunity to make an enormous amount of money – some people have even become millionaires, some even billionaires. Although investing in crypto may not seem so easy and getting to grips with certain jargon and terms may take time, people love taking that dive into the deep end.  

The reason for people wanting to take the risk is because the benefits and rewards waiting for them on the other side can be very big. This is where that famous saying is relevant: “if you don’t bet big, you will not win big”, although you should note that crypto is nothing like betting as you can monitor the growth of your investment and see its trajectory over the following days and weeks. 

Presales is another great thing about crypto, they allow you to purchase and acquire certain tokens early when they are cheap and before they are launched officially. You can then go on to sell them at a higher price as a lot of their prices increase after they have been launched. 

History of meme coins

Meme coins are the funny and friendly side of crypto, as they drive with a community-based vision to incorporate good initiatives such as; allowing you to send money easily to whomever wherever, it also allows you to buy gifts, groceries, and other services online retailers, some meme coins also are accepted as a form of payment in restaurants and shops. 


The meme coin phenomenon born in the year 2013, took the concept of basing certain cryptocurrencies around animals and meme-themed things. Hence why the DogeCoin and Shiba Inu are themed around dogs, the Shiba Inu is a Japanese hunting dog.

They are known for being small, agile, and friendly with a lifespan of over 13 years, which all make for the great characteristics of a great cryptocurrency. People want to know that their investments can continue making money over time. 

Parody Coin is another meme coin that wants its investors and users to be in control and allows them to be in control through a carefully designed and detailed passive income system. This is great for your average person who works a 9-5 job in an office and is looking for ways to save his or her money when they are at work or even at home after a long day at work. 

PARO also is very innovative and diverse when trying to make sure its passive income service is beneficial to its users. Through things like Parody Swap, Parody Bridge, and Parody Market, the idea behind these features is that it makes it easier to swap any crypto within any blockchain to an equal number of Parody coins. 

Everyone’s favourite nursery rhyme when they were a kid was “London Bridge is falling…”, well the Parody bridge is a lot stronger and was not built to fall. Its sole purpose is to bridge the gap and allow for fluid transfers to be made between other blockchains and Parody coins. Parody tokens will create parody NFTs out of other big bluechip NFTs and allow PARO holders to mint these.  

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Community is the main focus of meme coins because the bigger the community the more people will find out and they will be more likely to invest in these cryptocurrencies. This is why certain cryptocurrencies prefer being linked to influencers rather than endorsing celebrities because influencers are people who affect their following/community.  

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