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Where Will Innovations Lead the Market


The crypto market is the Wild West, where things can go south in a matter of hours. You can smile at your gains while drinking your morning coffee and lament your losses in the evening. It is an endless cycle: the investor’s journey meets the exchange of cryptos.

Fortunately, the market is flooded with new things – new standards, new DeFi, and new brands – designed to improve all aspects of this growing industry. Just when you thought that Satoshi dreamed up everything under the sun for crypto transactions, smart contracts arrive and the possibilities are endless.

A recent innovation in the crypto space is the emergence of crypto ETFs. As GameFi and NFT are shaking up the world of gaming and collective bargaining, crypto ETFs provide exposure to the crypto market and, unlike individual tokens, are traded on exchanges. It is the best of both worlds: investors are exposed to the return of the asset, and the transparency and protection provided by the regulated market.

The launch of the first crypto ETF, the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, in October 2021 opened the door to a small number of centralized ETFs, in which fund managers manage cryptos in their asset portfolios.

Tetraguard: The First Defi ETF Decentralized Token Basket

All crypto ETFs are structured like traditional currencies. One exception: Tetraguard. Tetraguard is the first decentralized ETF as a cryptocurrency company. It offers investors access to three of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the token basket. Tetraguard is a form of payment protection for Quadron (QUAD), as well as PAX Gold (PAXG), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

Tetraguard’s trading is facilitated by the Automated Market Maker’s (AMM) funding, as well as the Funding Investment Fund (QUAD) offered to early adopters. Investors hold different baskets of popular cryptocurrencies in one trade. Also, just by holding it, they get part of the fees of the shared transactions that happen on the platform. Since Tetraguard is fully defragmented, transactions and changes can be made without interference.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Tetraguard is 100% backed by the TETRA auditable smart contract. Neither you nor anyone else’s money can be accessed by the local authorities. With an automated market generator and clear instructions on how to divide the reward, these coins are locked into a smart contract. Tokens are called when users decide to sell their TETRA tokens.

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QUAD: Catch and Get Rewarded

The heart of the Tetraguard ecosystem is the reward system. According to the white paper, Tetraguard is built on top of QUAD, a cash-based and staked ETH collection token, which is built into TETRA.

The security of this system is based on the fact that most of the QUAD signals are placed in the TETRA network. Unlike fiat currency, the “run” on the QUAD security will not be as extreme as a TETRA owner will have to sell their entire basket to acquire QUAD.

Benefits of Tetraguard? Tetraguard offers crypto investors several benefits:

Fees for Clothing:

Tetraguard stands out for its QUAD brand, a premium brand with unlimited growth in profits and earning potential. Tetraguard offers rewards to token holders and customers. This allows investors to collect commissions without a central entity charging fees.

Organize Your Finances

The best part of Tetraguard is that it allows investors to trade the world’s most popular symbols in one transaction, allowing users to get quick profits and minimize the losses that may be associated with it. and any discount.


At, Tetraguard allows users to buy and sell tokens without switching between exchanges. If they want, investors can take advantage of the bull market or reduce their exposure to the LUNA crash by selling in the same market. The Tetraguard system has a built-in pool system for its smart contracts so it has a fixed amount regardless of whether it trades on an exchange or not.


Is it good? Consensys says, “Using the Consensys MythX security analysis tool, Quadron and Tetraguard smart contract code has been tested and verified and found to be intact.”

Investors can increase their exposure to a wide selection of cryptos with potential by investing in several different tokens. By doing this, investors increase the chances that their investment will return a profit. As the crypto season continues to sweep the market, this ETF may be the best innovation for investors who want to protect their money while gaining exposure to volatile coins.

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