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What Is Metacryp Network (MTCR)? The P2E Metaverse Cryptocurrency


Metacryp Network (MTCR) is a new cryptocurrency and is used for utility and governance on the eponymous Metacryp Network ecosystem, featuring a next-generation community-driven GameFi metaverse.

What sets the metaverse of Metacryp Network apart from its peers is its combination of decentralized finance (DeFi), advanced gaming systems, NFT applications, play-to-earn (P2E), and more all in one virtual space.

Users can create and customize their avatars which serve as in-game representations of each player. These avatars are used to interact with the game world, other players, and in-game mechanisms.

Unique features of the Metacryp Network metaverse include:

  • In-game assets and NFTs that can be earned and traded.
  • The ability to lease in-game assets.
  • Gaming tournaments.
  • Metacryp country club: customized content depending on location.

What is Metacryp Network (MTCR)?

Metacryp Network (MTCR) is a BEP20 token and exists on the Binance Smart Chain. The token is used for utility and governance. Users are incentivized to participate in the ecosystem and games on offer with a rewards mechanism. Rewards are distributed to players based on their engagement with game activities.

Regarding the utility, Metacryp Network (MTCR) is used for paying for all fees incurred through the use of the network and also grants accessing all services and products in the ecosystem.

500 million Metacryp Network (MTCR) tokens will be minted. This is the total token supply and no more than 500 million tokens will be in circulation at any one time, and there is a minimum 2-month vesting period for all tokens distributed to the team, project, and partners.

What does Metacryp Network (MTCR) solve?

Metacryp Network (MTCR) is a decentralized social media network that was created to provide the community with metaverse games and virtual worlds that members can use as an escape from reality. Metacryp also solves many prevalent pain points affecting many blockchain projects at present such as trust concerns, slow network speeds, high fees, and more.

What does Metacryp Network MTCR solve
What Is Metacryp Network (MTCR)? The P2E Metaverse Cryptocurrency 2

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, however not all cryptocurrency networks are governed democratically. Metacryp Network (MTCR) is governed by the community via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Decision-making is collectively made by the community. Owners of Metacryp Network receive the ability to influence the network by submitting and voting on proposals (which determine changes to the network) and the more tokens a user owns, the greater the power of their vote.

Traditional centralized metaverse, gaming, and play-to-earn projects as well as some on blockchain offer limited visibility regarding transaction details, distribution, participation, and reward allocations. Metacryp Network (MTCR) is fully trustless, and data is immutably stored on a public ledger. Furthermore, reward activities are encoded in an immutable smart contract with information on the winners being published and publicly available.

On Metacryp Network (MTCR) fees for transactions and participating in game activities are low compared to other networks, and there are no fees for payments transacted between users. Additionally, all transactions between native wallets are settled instantly.

Finally, there is no KYC requirement for using Metacryp Network (MTCR), and no personal information is required or stored. This helps lower the barrier to entry for users for a healthy and diverse community.

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