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What Does It Mean that Bitcoin Is the Only Asset Whose Supply Is Not Affected by Demand?


Bitcoin investors have expressed different opinions about the coin. Bill Miller said that BTC is the only economic entity whose demand does not affect supply. A crypto critic thinks that people who bought BTC because of Musk have no idea. Bitcoin (BTC) remains the most talked about and popular digital asset in the Web3 industry, due to its price performance over the years. Top BTC investors express different opinions on the coin at different times of the year during bullish and bearish rallies.

Today, Twitter user DocumentingBTC posted some famous statements from some of the biggest Bitcoin investors and holders in the world. Bill Miller, an American investor who is proud of the Bitcoin bull, said:

Bitcoin is the only economic entity where demand does not affect supply.

Miller argued that even if one BTC reached one hundred thousand or one million, there would only be 21 million. He said that the same is not true for gold, because the price will fall with the increase in demand.

Ray Dalio, an American hedge fund manager, said that all money is a waste when it comes to goods and services and that BTC is the only property that people can move between countries as a means of exchange and store value. Another American investor, Stanley Druckenmiller, said:

Crypto is a solution looking for a problem identified: to fight the power of the world’s leading banks. Lack of trust. On the other hand, the famous celebrity Peter Schiff criticized BTC. Schiff believes that those who invest in Bitcoin (BTC) because Elon Musk promoted it are reckless, adding that Musk does not take any responsibility for any losses caused. Schiff recently expressed this opinion on Twitter by comparing the losses of Tesla investors to Bitcoin investors.

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