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What Did the Ethereum Founder Say About Elon Musk?


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is sounding off on Elon Musk’s recent Twitter censorship spree, saying the site’s banning of accounts over the past few days is putting Twitter on “the path authority”.

Responding to a post praising Musk, Buterin said that Elon Musk is launching a plan he calls “the central strategy as a whole,” in which Musk introduces policies that “seem to be in line with Elon’s vision. in specific situations.

The latest scandal started when Musk banned the accounts @ElonJets, which tracks Elon’s jets, and @CelebJets, which tracks various private jets of celebrities. These bots extract publicly available information and publish it, which is hosted in the United States. But Musk saw it as a threat to his privacy and security and went ahead by banning the account of Jack Sweeney, the creator of the Elon Jets Twitter bot.

Musk then quickly implemented new rules on Twitter that banned “any tweet or account that shares a person’s location”, the only exception being in relation to “crisis situations to aid humanitarian efforts or relationships and public participation programs”.

The ban is part of a backdoor effort to reduce live sharing despite Musk’s previous statement that he would not ban Sweeney’s tracking account in the name of “freedom”.
When one user asked that Elon Musk was “only responding to system input” by applying a quick ban of these tracking accounts, Buterin argued the same.

“Acting quickly and decisively in response to the motivators “when the action is prohibited is the way of the government’s authority,” said Buterin. Buterin also criticized Elon Musk’s ban on linking to Mastodon, a competing social media website, calling the move “really bad.” It is unclear why Mastodon’s link is currently banned, although Mastodon’s official Twitter account has been banned for sharing links to its “ElonJet” account type.

Twitter did not immediately respond to Decrypt’s request for comment. It seems that many Twitter users refuse to ban accounts for sharing user sites that used to be public. In a poll conducted by Elon Musk with more than 3.1 million votes, 59% of voters said that these accounts should be opened “now” and not in a week as Elon Musk suggested.

Which type of Twitter will Buterin choose?

One that tries to make mistakes rather than putting bias and personal experience, and one that doesn’t analyze competitor sites. “Good laws should be decided behind the veil of ignorance, and implemented,” Buterin said.

He also suggested that Twitter give users a month’s notice before the new content modification policy goes into effect. “There will be a gradual ban on speeding despite the big problems that come from this type of approach,” Buterin said.

Although Buterin is clearly against sudden, rapid bans on Twitter, he is not necessarily in favor of following popular airlines. “The problem is that the type of decision-making and these bans are very close to the behavior of the previous Twitter regime in which people rightly rebelled,” Buterin said.

This is not the first time Buterin has criticized the world powers for their actions which he considers to be right. Last year, Buterin opposed the “zombie government” of Putin, the war in Ukraine and Nayib Bukele El Salvador, which he said was “not a democracy” and “causing many problems.”

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