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The We Are All Going To Die NFT Collection Is Here, Get Ready For Hell-ish Avatars!


The We Are All Going To Die (Wagdie) NFT assortment is new around, and individuals are now considering it the following Goblintown. We should investigate this upsetting assortment.

What Is We’re All Going To Die NFT?

Recall the very odd Goblintown Twitter Spaces that shot its costs up out of this world? Here is one more frightening recording for you. The We Are All Going To Die NFT assortment has no site and no reasonable depiction of what they are intending to accomplish, only a Twitter profile and a bunch of agreements.


On the off chance that you can’t help thinking about why individuals are considering this the following Goblintown, it is really self-evident. I truly don’t have any desire to call it a copycat, however it’s quite hard not to. Like Goblintown, We Are All Going To Die has no clear guide, no utilities, and no Discord. The NFTs are additionally CC0, so no freedoms held. Furthermore, it started as an allowed to-mint venture, combined with successive secretive Twitter Spaces.

Given the similitudes, it is nothing unexpected that the promotion train is boarding so rapidly. Some inside the NFT people group are bouncing on this promptly since they passed up Goblintown beforehand.

When Did WAGDIE NFT Drop?

This task initially surfaced on the Twittersphere on May 31st, 2022. There were short, terrifying tweets consistently, paving the way to June fourth, when the NFTs dropped. The free NFTs took off above 0.4 ETH on the absolute first day, further structure the FOMO. At any rate, we should investigate the 6,666 NFTs, which appear to be recounting a story.

What number of Wagdie NFTs Are There?

The entire assortment comprises of 6,666 allowed to-mint NFTs. Be that as it may, there are 17 extraordinary pieces in this assortment: The 17. These 1 of 1 pieces incorporate; Child of Her, Crow of Detriti, She who Smiles, Kilgore the Young, and that’s just the beginning. A portion of these have sold for as high as 7.88 ETH.


Other than the interesting 17 pieces, the We Are All Going To Die assortment has 33 unique characters. This incorporates the Naïve Stranger, the Foolish Jester, and different characters. These characters differ in extraordinariness, going from 22 pieces up to 309 pieces. What’s more, each NFT has an exceptional blend of qualities. They involve various guards, foundations, veils, hair, and different classes.

How Expensive are NFTs from the We’re all going to bite the dust assortment?

In spite of the fact that wagdie NFTs were totally allowed to mint, presently they have a story cost of 0.978 ETH. Also there are no indications of them dialing back.

The Mystery Behind The Madness

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Albeit the depiction unequivocally says ‘no guide‘, the group is apparently uncovering an ever increasing number of subtleties as the days pass. For example, there was a smaller than usual development towards ‘The Cycle of Her‘, which has now started.

Perhaps there is a covered up guide all things considered? The peculiar assortment and their Anonymous group likewise chose to purchase and afterward consume a MAYC NFT, to the repulsiveness of the Bored Ape Yacht Club holders. Get out whatever you will, the trick gave them a colossal PR support as many found the going with twitter space comical.

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