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Uniswap Gets Ahead of Cryptos


Uniswap (UNI) entered the public sector, rising on December 25 at 20.46%. Uniswap is considered to be winning the popular vote while losing other cryptocurrencies in the public sector. Here is a breakdown of its performance:

  • UNI shares down 1.26%
  • Critical support Uniswap found at $5.09
  • UNI controls the crypto space in terms of social governance

On the other hand, UNI still looks bearish, which may last for some time. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the price of UNI is trading at $5.07, down 5.2% in the last seven days. The price may fall further if the coin does not hold its current support level.

The MACD indicator has fallen below zero indicating an increase in sellers.

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UNI Art Museum: The Power Dealer

The Uniswap technical indicator shows that sellers are more aggressive than buyers on the next day.

Uniswap, with its daily trading session, suggested a descending triangle formation. It shows a long-term resistance given that the price is moving between the 100-200 SMA.

The upper Bollinger Band sits at $5.25, while the lower Bollinger Band is currently at $5.32, suggesting a bearish trend for Uniswap. It is expected that this market trend will continue for a long time.
On the positive side, the price of Uniswap may rise once it crosses the $5.4 level. However, if the coin breaks above the key support level, it can increase the losses.

Now, to reverse the negative sentiment, bulls need to hold support levels and drive prices higher. Increased UNI search volume among customers

In terms of human authority and volume, UNI sits at number 6,902, which means that the search volume has increased among customers.

Consumers now see the increase in public administration as an opportunity to profit from UNI. In fact, Binance currency increased by 0.009%. However, despite the increase in interest rates, Uniswap has not increased its profits. In November, Uniswap released a collection of NFTs when the market was extremely volatile.

However, the tide turned and UNI NFT didn’t seem to be weighing on the minds of many investors as NFT traded down to just $7,562. Although UNI controls the public volume, it may not last long as the public volume and prices look ahead in the coming days.

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