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Two Cryptocurrencies eSports Fans Should Get to Know: Ethereum (ETH) and RoboApe (RBA)


ESports is one of the newest ventures being undertaken by crypto, with many tokens becoming part of play in a variety of ways. 

The concept of eSports is simple, being the competitive play of video games. While the games played are primarily multiplayer first-person shooter games like Counter Strike and Overwatch, there are many other leagues out there, all with varying degrees of success.

In eSports, the players are divided into teams, similar to football clubs, with the players being the best of the best at the games they play. Also like in football, the rewards for success are vast, with prize pools for the winning teams having the chance to be in the millions. 

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The viability of eSports as a financial venture is not something that many will dispute, with the market currently being valued in the billions. As such, many of the hallmarks of traditional sports are now seeping their way into eSports through crypto, such as cryptocurrencies sponsoring teams, or betting services being offered through tokens like Ethereum (ETH). 

However, others like RoboApe (RBA) are taking the possibilities of crypto and eSports to the next level, with plans to create a platform to fully encompass all aspects of eSports. 

Betting on the Blockchain with Ethereum (ETH)

As one of the current crypto market’s most successful cryptocurrencies, it is no surprise that Ethereum (ETH) is being used by many as a token for betting on eSports. 

Sites like 1xBet and 22Bet provide betting opportunities to bet on a huge number of eSports competitions from around the world, with a huge range of currencies. However, Ethereum (ETH) is typically the most popular, for a variety of reasons. 


While, like any cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH) has its ups and downs, as a currency so embedded in the market the likelihood of crypto failing, or significantly depreciating in value. This is essential for betting.

Say, for example, a bet is made with tokens at the value of £100, with the payout being valued at £300. However, if in the time it takes the bet to be fulfilled and processed the value of the token devalues, there is a chance the better will hardly be making a profit, or may even lose out. 

This is something very unlikely to occur with Ethereum (ETH), making it extremely appealing to those betting on eSports.  


As the market’s second-largest cryptocurrency, falling only behind Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) is a token widely accepted by a huge range of organisations, giving it reach and flexibility that may not be afforded to less established cryptocurrencies. 

With the breadth and depth of the eSports community, it is essential for bettors to be using currencies accepted by this wide range of leagues, especially considering that some leagues have only been around for a few years. 

As one of crypto’s biggest currencies, Ethereum (ETH) is most likely to be a coin that is accepted. And thus, a safe choice for betting, no matter the eSport being bet on.

In Conclusion 

For those looking to get into eSports betting, gaining an understanding of Ethereum (ETH) is key. Its stability and reach, as well as ease of accessibility, make it perfect for first-time crypto users, and for eSports fans looking to try to turn a profit from their favourite teams. 

RoboApe (RBA) Offers a New Way to Play

While some crypto projects are getting involved in eSports through financial backing, support, and betting, RoboApe (RBA) is taking out the middleman, with plans to create their own platform to host eSport competitions. 

The platform, which would be able to host both single and multiplayer modes, will be able to host community created, decentralised Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, with leagues for players of all skill types. 

These tournaments would provide a variety of financial incentives, such as prize pools available to winners, as well as potential opportunities for sponsorships and endorsements in the future. 

The fact that all of these aspects of eSports are being compiled into a single place by RoboApe (RBA) is revolutionary, allowing players to compete in a space where the currency for participation is already established.

Furthermore, by being held on an established platform by a community, there is a wide range of safeguarding measures already installed, making sure that competitions and the funds won from them are distributed fairly, and as agreed

RoboApe (RBA) is offering a homegrown eSports environment run for and by users, where the competitiveness of sports cannot be corrupted, due to it being held on the very system where advertising and payment are taking place. It provides unique transparency that will revolutionise eSports, and will provide unique opportunities for those looking to get involved.

Furthermore, as a platform utilising blockchain technology, eSports are not the only way users can make a profit with RoboApe (RBA). NFT minting and selling are also available to users, giving RoboApe (RBA) even more potential value. 


For those looking for something different to the established eSports scenes of games like Counter Strike, RoboApe (RBA) and its developing eSports scene might just be the perfect place to start. 

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