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Palestinian People Are Turning to Bitcoin


The Palestinian people under the blockade have turned to Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The complete narrowing of the area in the country has also negatively affected the local financial network. Gazans, who are trying to protect their independence, are increasing their interest in crypto money.

The Palestinian People Are Interested in Digital Currencies

Due to the Israeli and Palestinian conflicts that have been going on for many years, the public is experiencing difficulties in accessing many things. Gaza, one of the areas most affected by the war, has been blockaded since Dec. 2007.

In such an environment, the economy in the country is also paralyzed. Local people went in search of new alternatives to preserve and produce their wealth. Crypto money is among these alternatives. Deciently, crypto money is among these alternatives.

National News, in an interview with residents of the Gaza Strip, witnessed an increasing interest in crypto currencies.
One of the Palestinians who gave an interview pointed out that his lifestyle completely changed after he met digital money October:

“My fate changed when I learned to invest in Bitcoin and started selling makeup products online”

The Palestinian Doctor. Tariq Dana believes that locals are turning to crypto on the grounds that it is a way to gain independence from Israel’s financial regulations.

Another Palestinian said the following about the growing interest in cryptos:

“It is encouraging enough that the decentralized status of cryptocurrencies allows us Palestinians to generate income through an independent platform”

Palestinian businessman Haitham Zuhair spoke about the decline of Bitcoin:

“I am sure that the fall in the price of Bitcoin has cost many traders in Gaza dearly. Because their initial investments and capital are not as high as they think.”

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