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NFTs, “The Lady’s Not For Turning!” Why Solana (SOL), Ape coin (APE) and Quitriam Finance (QMT) are the choice for Q3 2022


Did Margaret Thatcher predict the future of FinTech in October 1980? If you’re unaware of this quote it stems from Thatcher’s privatisation of the British economy – by far her most enduring economic legacy. Will the current heavyweights in the NFT scene like Solana and Ape coin mimic Thatcher’s legacy or fall to up and coming rivals like Quitriam Finance?

Solana, the Iron Lady of blockchain

Everyone felt the FOMO from SOL when it took the market by storm last year, rising a mouth-watering 200,000% in less than 12 months. But what produced this unrelenting upwards pressure on the price of the Solana token?

SOL became one of the leading NFT marketplace blockchains and it did this at a time when NFTs themselves were gathering a huge amount of public interest. Once thought of as a bubble, NFTs continue to break new ground every week and are one of the most revolutionary aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 

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The very fabric of what a Non-Fungible Token can be defined as has already evolved from what was initially introduced into blockchain tech. From passports, to metaverses, to memberships to clubs, the NFT is reshaping everyday life and is becoming quickly adopted into real-world use cases.

Sylvester Stallone launched his own private members’ club through the sale of NFTs where those who own one of these NFTs can receive various exclusive perks and opportunities. With NFT adoption only on the rise, Solana’s reputation and legacy, like Thatcher’s, looks likely to last the ages.

Ape coin’s metaverse and the Bored Ape NFT collection

Don’t be fooled by the meme-like name. Ape coin proposes a very promising Metaverse and NFT marketplace project. The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a collection of 10,000 unique ape NFTs. Ownership of one rewards membership to the BAYC along with members-only perks and access to ‘THE BATHROOM’ an exclusive graffiti board for members. 

APE is releasing its metaverse game, the otherside, this year and has generated one of the most impressive cult followings and communities. Combining metaverse utility with meme prowess, Ape coin is certainly a coin to watch for the future and could dictate where the future of the metaverse lies due to its impeccable community. 


How do Quitriam Finance’s fundamentals line up in comparison?

According to the report from, with aid from BNP Paribas, the total value of all NFT transactions jumped from $82.5 million in 2020 to $17 billion in 2021. Forecasts are only expected to see similar gains moving forwards into 2022.

The aforementioned Solana drastically profited from riding the NFT hype train and many believe that Quitrian Finance will do the same. QMT offers various DeFi applications but also allows for the minting of QMT NFTs. The NFTs made through this process that are native to other chains can be added to bolster your liquidity pools within the Quitrian ecosystem. Quitrian Finance’s DeFi fundamentals alone are extremely impressive and this incorporation as a cross-chain NFT liquidity service highlights the impressive development team behind the project. 

Which project will take the Thatcher legacy then?

SOL has already established itself as a big-time player. Similarly to Ethereum, it would be surprising if Solana was to concede any of its current market share to an alternate project. Ape coin has not been trading for anywhere near as long as SOL, but has had an extremely impressive impact on the market in the few months it has been trading for.

When it comes to Quitriam Finance, the future is unknown. It boasts some of the strongest fundamentals of a start-up crypto project and looks to be tapping into the only rising NFT marketplace industry. The presale has gone very successfully so far having increased 90% in value in its first month. The QMT presale offers a magnificent opportunity to buy into a rigorously planned project before it is available for public trading. 

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