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NFT Marketplace: Payback Is Coming to Users!


NFT Marketplace: Payback Is Coming to Users! The market confirmed that the problem has been solved. Magic has revealed that it will refund all users who bought the wrong NFT that appeared on the collection page following the recent breach. In a statement, the Solana-based NFT Marketplace said it has rolled out bugs and updates to its two features – Snappy Marketplace and Pro Trade tools.

Hence, NFT is not listed in these two devices. More technically, the newly released “event indicator” did not detect dupe NFTs. Instead, the bug allowed these icons to escape verification and be listed next to the real collection.

The development comes a few days after some Magic Eden users reported seeing various images on the platform instead of NFT, including nude images and scenes from the TV series ‘The Big Bang Theory’.
On January 4, however, the platform confirmed that its smart contracts are still safe and added that the incident was a remote UI issue.

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Security Breach Affects Sales of NFT Marketplace Tokens Across Multiple Collections

According to the update, the breach resulted in the sale of 25 NFT tokens across four totals in the previous day. The market is now looking to see if other NFTs have been affected. “We have noticed in the last 24 hours, the impact is limited to 25 illegal NFTs sold across 4 collections. These illegal NFTs appear on the collection page and transactions from illegal NFTs and – appears in the collection service. The problem has been fixed since this morning.

Fake NFTs were also added to the ABC collection and y00ts based on Solana were expensive.

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