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New FTT Statement From Binance CEO


New FTT statement from Binance CEO. The full list of companies that have already invested in FTX and around coins as well as A, B and C coins has been shared by an anonymous cryptocurrency analyst.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao responded to a tweet saying that Binance Labs, the VC division of Binance that invested in FTX during the Series A, still holds its position in the FTX token.

“We still have a bag of FTT,” he said.

Saying that Binance planned to sell its FTT as a hedge against FTX was undermined by the company’s CEO, who said that FTX has no competitor yet.

The widely accepted belief that Binance’s decision to sell its FTT was a calculated attack on FTX was overshadowed by ‘CZ’, who claims that his exchange never saw FTX as a competitor in the cryptocurrency market. Binance CEO CZ said these things during a CNBC Squawk Box interview as he tried to give his thoughts on the recent FTX crash, his relationship with Binance, and what could happen in the future of the crash in the broader crypto space. wide.

Binance CEO FTT

“We were never against them. We don’t focus on other smaller exchanges; focusing our energy there doesn’t give us the best return,” Binance CEO CZ said. He added that helping to grow the industry would bring in more clients than taking customers from other exchanges. Hence, Binance wishes to grow the industry “together with other exchanges.”

Asked about the reasons for Binance’s decision to redeem the FTX contract, CZ cited a few factors.

When he found out that SBF had cheated everyone, including its customers and investors, he revealed that the Binance group had discovered a large amount of money from FTX users and said that they could no longer trust any other data.

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