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New Cryptocurrency Breakdown – What is Automish Token? Can it make you Millions?


With the integration of The Metaverse into our daily lives, a flood of new crypto games and NFT ventures have been launched practically daily. While the bulk of these new cryptocurrencies is the result of creators putting in a lot of effort, others merely come in and steal people’s money before soon disappearing. Automish Token (ATI) has the potential to grow into a community initiative and ultimately a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), but is it a safe investment?

What is Automish Token?

Automish Token (ATI) is a new play-to-earn crypto gaming environment that capitalizes on the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Traditional video gaming is a source of entertainment for the user and a significant source of revenue for the creators.

GameFi, or cryptocurrency gaming, is altering this dynamic by enabling players to genuinely own their in-game assets or goods through NFTs. Automish Token (ATI) takes place in a dystopian world and pits players against a variety of robotic adversaries throughout several levels. To aid them on their trip, players may acquire NFTs from the in-game NFT marketplace. ATI will be awarded for each level successfully completed.

The website promises that users could earn ATI for holding onto the tokens for an extended period of time. Members of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will have the ability to direct the funds created by network transactions. This can include deciding on the percentages of tokens that are bought back and burnt or how high the reflections of ATI are deposited to holders.

How Can I Tell if Automish Token Is Scam?

With locked liquidity, it’s nearly impossible for Automish Token (ATI) to be a scam. It is challenging to determine the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency. One way of helping give a project validity is having it audited. This means that the code of the smart contract is examined by an independent company. For example, Certik is one such company. Certik is the top blockchain security company Automish Token (ATI) has employed to ensure that the project’s infrastructure is secure.

Certik’s primary mission is to certify and safeguard emerging digital currencies. You can search for Automish Token (ATI) on Certik’s website. You may follow the audit’s progress. This lends authenticity to the project.

New Cryptocurrency Breakdown – What is Automish Token
New Cryptocurrency Breakdown – What is Automish Token? Can it make you Millions? 2

Who made Automish Token?

While we are able to answer the majority of questions about Automish Token (ATI), there are a few for which we are unable to determine the founders’ location or even identity.

While we have read the whitepaper and are unable to discover answers to these issues, it is worth noting that numerous functional cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), are developed and managed by anonymous people and teams.

Additionally, Automish Token (ATI) promises that it will be a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which means that changes and enhancements to the ecosystem will be voted on and ultimately chosen by token holders.

Is Automish Token a good investment?

While it is hard to be certain of the integrity of any new cryptocurrency, we believe that after doing an extensive study, Automish Token (ATI) is neither a scam nor a rug pull. The initiative is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which means that it is controlled by its investors.

After Certik’s audit is complete, we anticipate that Automish Token (ATI) will be considered a secure cryptocurrency to invest in. Naturally, before investing in any cryptocurrency, it is critical to do as much research as possible.






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