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Nansen’s Encrypted Messaging App Launched for Web 3


Blockchain examination stage Nansen has sent off and moved its most recent item, one that is somewhat not the same as the thing it has been presenting for the beyond couple of years: an encoded Web3-based informing application.

Named as Nansen Connect, the application is planned with start to finish encryption for informing, similar as Telegram and Signal. The application is exceptional in that it requests that clients sign in with their Web3 wallet, afterwards determine and pick a username in light of Nansen wallet marks.


“This data will be effectively available, and we anticipate perceiving how it shapes the discussion,” shares Paul Harwood, Product Manager at Nansen.

One more one of a kind element for Nansen interface is with how clients can essentially join bunches in light of their crypto and NFT portfolio. Measurements on symbolic assortments are followed in view of a client’s portfolio, which is matched up with Nansen’s examination dashboard.

Nansen portrays their informing application as a “crypto-local interchanges center point” for Web3 people group, proceeding to guarantee that the application could help address and “relieve a portion of the security defects we see across the biological system.”

“Clients can view forces to be reckoned with and other undertaking pioneers to be responsible by observing depositories and unloading continuously, and certain individuals might be raised in light of the fact that they’re demonstrated holders,” Harwood made sense of further.

The application is currently sent off, however it’s still in the beta stage, and just for select networks. This incorporates blue-chip NFT holder channels and what’s been labeled as “savvy cash” holders who give top-level liquidity across conventions and agreements. Nansen guarantees that the application will be adjusted with on-chain information for current possessions, exchange information, and different informational indexes that would be pertinent to clients and networks for contextualizing their portfolio and social stage.

“Nansen is as of now a critical educational center point for the crypto world, and our center contribution — wallet marking for 120 million Ethereum addresses alone — focuses on surfacing the characters and ways of behaving in the commotion of blockchain information. Making a social item is a characteristic development for these center capabilities,” Harwood notes.

Nansen and Google Cloud Empower Web3 Investors with High Quality Real Time Market Intelligenc

Nansen finished a $75 million (USD) Series B venture round in December 2021, with sponsorship from financial backers like Accel, GIC, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), SCB 10X, and Tiger Global. The firm was laid out at some point in 2020 and has since been giving examination to on-chain information, wallet names, and substances on standard blockchains like BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Celo, and Ethereum, among others.

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