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Mushe Token (XMU), ThorCHAIN (RUNE) & Near Protocol (NEAR) Rise As Major Cryptocurrencies Suffer Easter Dip


Easter Sunday wasn’t a particularly fruitful day for the crypto sphere. Still, some of the most promising tokens including Thorchain (RUNE), Near Protocol (NEAR) & Mushe Token (XMU) rallied impressively in the days that followed. What can that sequence teach us about the relative resiliency of established and newer cryptocurrencies?  

The April 17th slump was more than just a market correction, as some analysts interpreted it. When cryptocurrencies across the board saw their values steeply decline, it was a bit of a test to see which had the stamina to regain the ground they’d lost quickly.


Thorchain & Near Protocol

Cross-chain liquidity pioneer Thorchain (RUNE) distinguished itself with a 15.6% post-Easter rally by Monday afternoon, second among major cryptocurrencies only to LUNA. Near Protocol (NEAR) also proved highly resilient, posting a 13% gain after joining the Easter-day slump. 

Cryptocurrency mainstays reacted more sluggishly to the downturn. By Tuesday, Bitcoin (BTC) had recovered just 4.52% of the value it lost the day before, and Ethereum (ETH) just 4.83%. They were joined by other market-cap leaders, including Binance (BNB), Solana (SOL), and Avalanche (AVAX), each of which responded with an uptick of roughly 6%.

The post-Easter rebound may have been friendlier to tokens like RUNE and NEAR partly because their communities are smaller and more focused than those of more established cryptocurrencies. As an independent blockchain, Thorchain serves as a bridge designed to facilitate transactions across previously siloed networks. Near Protocol supports a community of creative professionals, and its ESG commitment is among the strongest in the industry.

Mushe Token

One of the crypto space’s most ambitious projects also posted substantial numbers in the wake of the Easter downturn. Mushe (XMU) is the backbone of Mushe World’s bid to unite the fiat and cryptocurrency spheres with a suite of frictionless financial services that offer investors the best of both worlds.

Mushe Token will officially launch its token on July 4th, but its presale performance makes a strong case for its sustained performance in the years to come. After debuting at $0.005 per token, XMU’s presale value nearly doubled to $0.009 by Monday. 

The broader crypto market has settled back down after the April 18th rally, with some prominent coins approaching their pre-Easter valuations. XMU’s presale value, on the other hand, has continued to grow. As of this writing, it now stands at $0.0131943. Having proved itself more resilient than its more established peers, XMU is now well-poised to exceed its presale target of $0.50.

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The crypto sphere is notoriously difficult to predict, and even the most aggressive crypto investors can struggle to find consistent, reliable ROI. With its recent performance, Mushe Token (XMU) has proven that its business model is one to watch and that its future promise makes it a remarkable investment opportunity at its current presale valuation.

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