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MetaMask Users Are the Target of Fraudsters


MetaMask has found itself in hot water following its latest Privacy Policy update. It informed users that their IP and Ethereum (ETH) addresses can be transferred to Infura, an RPC provider of MetaMask. This has also led to controversy. While Crypto Twitter was discussing the latest update to the MetaMask privacy policy, scammers took MetaMask users on the agenda to their radar.

MetaMask Scammers Impersonate the Support Team

MetaMask was brought to the agenda due to its privacy policy, while scammers began to impersonate the support department.

The fake accounts invite crypto users to report problems with their MetaMask wallets to an email address. He advertises addresses that allegedly help in recovering money from MetaMask, changing transactions and the like. All the promoted addresses are hosted on a popular free email service that has nothing to do with the largest Ethereum (ETH) wallet MetaMask.

Metamask turkey

MetaMask reiterated that its officers will never contact users first. Therefore, all announcements from such accounts should be Decried as blatant fraud and ignored. It should also be reported to the postal service or social media management.

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