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Mehracki (MKI) Could Provide Stiff Competition To Polygon (MATIC) And Flow (FLOW)


The Mehracki (MKI) Token is an upcoming new cryptocurrency that will be launched via a presale soon. It targets the travel sector and will be used to reward users and will help in processing transactions at lower costs. Given its unique use case and reward mechanism, it could potentially outperform established tokens like Polygon (MATIC) and Flow (FLOW). However, you could consider adding these three tokens for a diversified portfolio that could potentially help you in achieving huge returns in the future. 


Polygon launches Nightfall update for enterprises

The Polygon network has announced the launch of Nightfall mainnet upgrade that will help enterprises utilize zero-knowledge technology for optimum security. It will allow business enterprises to utilize decentralized blockchain network technology powered by Polygon and scale rapidly.

The announcement was made via a tweet, “Web3 is ready for enterprise. The #PolygonNightfall Mainnet beta is here! Nightfall is the most efficient blockchain solution for enterprises, enabling businesses to orchestrate private transactions for use in supply chains & other key business functions.” This may be bullish news for the MATIC Token as it significantly improves its utility for enterprise solutions providers. MATIC has established itself as one of the leading cryptocurrencies and remains a hot favourite among DeFI investors. 

Flow announces Instagram support for NFTs


The Flow blockchain has announced the launch of its NFTs on Instagram. It might provide some bullish upside for the FLOW Token. The Flow network has also recently launched a $725 million ecosystem fund that will help developers who are building on the network. The FLOW Token has established itself as a leading cryptocurrency and has become popular for its fast transactions and unmatched security. Billboard NFTs in collaboration with Pepsi will also be launched on the Flow network soon. Instagram has one billion users and the integration of Flow NFTs will provide a huge boost for the FLOW Token. 

Mehracki might be the surprise bet for crypto investors this summer

The Mehracki Token might surprise many seasoned investors as it will help the travel industry utilize blockchain technology. This niche sector remains untapped and neglected by many blockchain providers but Mehracki has sensed the huge opportunity and has the first-mover advantage in this space. 

The MKI token will be used to power transactions for the hospitality sector. The Mehracki Token could be utilized by travellers to pay for hotel stays and for getting access to customized tours. 

Mehracki will also launch NFTs for rewarding travellers and business owners will be able to launch NFTs for providing many allied services such as customized travel stays and discounts. The rarity of the NFT will represent the miles collected by the user. It will also help in deciding the voting power of a holder since the Mehracki network will be operated as a decentralised autonomous organization (DAO). 

The travel industry is currently riddled with many bottlenecks and has to rely on third-party payment processors for their requirements. The MKI Token will help in getting rid of expensive exchange fees and users will be able to pay in a single currency for all their travel needs


Holders of the MKI token will be able to stake and participate in liquidity mining for generating additional sources of income. Given its multiple utilities, the MKI Token could well emerge as a potential multibagger token this year. 

You can accumulate these three tokens and potentially generate handsome returns to retire early. Always carry out your own research before purchasing a cryptocurrency since the sector is new and susceptible to rumours. Short-term investing requires a lot of research and careful monitoring of several market parameters but you could use the HODL strategy which basically means accumulating for the long term. Learn more about this exciting new cryptocurrency that could revolutionize the way people travel through the links given below. 

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