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Logarithmic Finance (LOG) Is The New Defi Platform To Make Money Compared To The Theta Network (THETA) and Aave (AAVE)


Decentralised finance is the future of the crypto world with its potential to eliminate influences and intermediaries between trading parties. Logarithmic Finance is the newest Defi platform with features to entice investors and project innovators. It also has its native token to invest in as it works on multiple blockchain networks.


This Defi platform, compared to others like the Theta Network (THETA) and Aave (AAVE), has its edge in the opportunities it presents. These opportunities include governance rights, staking rewards, exclusive pool access, better swap ratios, high-yield investments, and discounts with other incentives.

Asides from these opportunities, there are vital features of the Defi platform you might not find on other platforms. These features are for individuals or organisations with projects that seek to explore the power of Defi.

How Does the Logarithmic Finance Platform Have The Edge Over A Platform Like Theta Network?

Theta Network (THETA) is a blockchain for decentralised video streaming and delivery, offering economical and technical solutions. This blockchain venture is a brilliant idea that zones on solving the problems of a particular niche. The platform has millions of users and is also pulling its weight in the Defi tokens market.

However, the Logarithmic Finance (LOG) platform was created to house ideas like this on a blockchain network. The platform can essentially do what the Theta network (THETA) does and have room for many more projects. This is why it has a flow planned for innovators and investors that plan to come on board the platform.

With room for many projects, such as the one Theta Network (THETA) does, the native LOG token has the potential to do multiple values of what many Defi tokens are doing on the market. So, either as an investor or innovator on the platform, there’s a flow already laid out to guide you as you explore the power of Defi.

The Project Innovator Flow

The flow for an innovator that wants to explore the potential of Defi comes in three phases. The first phase of your project is creating a pool. This creation starts by providing essential details for the project tokens, such as the name, ticker, total token supply, and cryptocurrencies available for payments. You’ll also need to define the auction parameters, swapping ratio, and percentage discount for investors already holding the LOG tokens.

The second flow is selecting a blockchain network out of the several that Logarithmic Finance (LOG) supports. First, register the created pool on a blockchain network that will satisfy your ideal requirements. Then, connect a wallet to transfer auctioning tokens to an HTLC and make gas fees payment for pool anchorage.

The third phase is making a percentage payment for the total liquidity that you raise from sharing auctioning tokens that are reserved for holders of LOG tokens and others.

The Investor Flow

Like the Project Innovator flow, there’s also one for the investors of projects made on the Log Finance (LOG) platform. The flow also has three laid-out phases, and the first one is selecting a blockchain. Select a blockchain of your choice or one linked to the project you’re investing in and connect your preferred wallet.

The second phase is selecting a pool. You’ll have the chance to select from the various pools running on the Logarithmic Finance (LOG) while seeing their pool status information.

The third phase as an investor is selecting a particular pool. You’ll be required to select a pool and then enter the amount of auctioning tokens or base that you want to purchase. The LOG platform will release these tokens based on the pool type.


The Logarithmic Finance platform has a significant edge with the multiple projects you can feature on it. Alongside this, there are beneficial features you’ll enjoy like the reduced gas fee, homomorphic encryption, NFT marketplace, on-chain data, and cross-chain and multi-chain platforms.

The platform also has significant developments coming, including creating synthetic tokens, using multiple wallets and stable coins, and creating a mobile version available on the go. These are features to watch out for that will make you money either as an investor or investor.

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