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Is There a Ban on Crypto Trading?


Is there a ban on crypto trading? Following the failure of FTX, various countries are looking to strengthen their policies, especially for digital currencies, to protect investors’ money.

Investors take risks following new developments

It seems that Canada is heading in this direction, as it has recently taken steps to revise its regulations by restricting leveraged trading for digital currencies. The business associated with crypto trading was made aware of the recent growth in the update made by the official organization of the Canadian Provincial and Territorial Securities regulators, also known as the Canadian Securities Administration. Securities (CSA).

In the update, it is said that a review of the current provisions has been carried out, leading to the conclusion that the requirements should be “extended to all cryptocurrency platforms in the country”. The impact of this decision on cryptocurrency trading platforms in Canada may include a reduction in cryptocurrency trading activity over time. Crypto trading system that works in the country can stop the restricted options to comply with the law. Large investors are at great risk, because stock trading requires the use of capital borrowed for large amounts from stock.

Exchanges that offer cryptocurrency trading may also experience a loss of revenue as they shut down two commonly used cryptocurrency trading channels. Canadian investors can also incur losses because it is uncertain whether they will look elsewhere to continue their business.

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