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India’s 1st NFT Movie Ticket, Introduced by Metascreen


SquirrelVerse-a Metaverse first organization has reported the send off of Metascreen – an organized NFT trade stage for displaying novel NFTs as film tickets. ‘Mithila Makhaan‘, a public honor winning Maithili Film to be screened on Metascreen as the main Indian film that can be watched involving NFT as a film ticket.

Metascreen is a stage by SquirrelVerse for clients to purchase NFTs and watch motion pictures too. Makers can feature, own their work and acquire through exchanging eminences on the Metascreen stage. Every maker will have total proprietorship freedoms of their fine art where they can deliver motion pictures, verse, books, or some other craftsmanships in computerized structure. Each NFT accompanies a utility to get to the substance on the actual stage.


Metascreen eliminates any outsider or center in the middle of between the maker and the purchaser impacting how content is made or consumed. SquirrelVerse plans to present to NFTs that accompany genuine utility and reason and furthermore expects to help makers and brands on-board effectively into Metaverse and make the web3 world effectively open to all players.

Pradeep Singh, Founder and CEO of SquirrelVerse on the send off said that:

“With the presentation of Metascreen, makers can use NFT innovation in a deliberate manner for displaying and adapting their substance and plan to transform the Metaverse. We plan to connect the information hindrance for Web 3 and Metaverse, and need to make this new innovation open and simple for everybody. We need to stand apart as a foundation of decision for makers and brands to launch their Metaverse venture.”

The film “Mithila Makhaan” has won Best Maithili Film in the 63rd National Film Awards under the language segment. It is the very first Maithili film from Bihar and Jharkhand to get a public honor. SquirrelVerse is building an enormous environment and Metascreen is the initial phase that way.

The objective is to on-board brands and makers into the Metaverse and empower and deal with their Metaverse presence and trade. The focal point of Metacreen is to give use cases to genuine utility of NFTs and their future potential as the foundation of business in the Metaverse.

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