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In Which Direction Does Samsung Evaluate Its New Investments?


Samsung invests millions of dollars in Metaverse project targeting LATAM. The company is targeting a young audience, especially Gen Z. In October, the company launched its “House of Sam” experience in the Decentraland metaverse.

Recently, one of the largest electronics companies in the world, Samsung, said it will spend more than $35 million on various projects aimed at customers in the Latin American region. The move is part of the brand’s ongoing digital business and growth strategy, with a key focus on strengthening the brand’s ability to attract and engage with youth. Samsung is known for its constant efforts to promote new technological advancements. The purpose of Samsung Electronics’ recent VR push was completed in a Dec. 20 post by Anita Caerols, company director of marketing and indigenous companies in Chile. In his words:

“At Samsung, we believe that Metaverse is a tangible promise to connect with young people. That’s why we’re investing more than $35 million in a plan that covers all of Latam.” -Anita Caerols

Samsung is targeting Gen Z

According to the electronics company, Metaverse is another means of connection for digital citizens such as Gen Zers, in addition to many others, such as social networks. Gen Z is the most important demographic for Metaverse specifically for this.

Exploring worlds like Roblox, Fortnite and, recently, Decentraland, is Samsung’s way of interacting and connecting with the audience, which will be the next generation of customers. This community will be used for tomorrow.

Despite the recent discussion about the users of different platforms, a study published by LinkedIn recently shows that the different Metaverse platforms now have an active audience of 400 million users. every month. Also, as Samsung points out, 51% of these users are under 13 years old.

In the world that the next generation will build, maybe there won’t be another wall that makes the world different from the real world. In other words, there are many ideas for working together.

If a business needs to speak and connect with young people, current and future customers, and interact with innovators, it is important to they are in transition now. -Samsung

The enthusiasm of millennials and even young people to find the best answers to the challenges of the metaverse can create the wrong impression that a complete digital platform is not what is done here, is according to Samsung, which says that the digital platform is fully immersive. It is not a fertilizer that is here to stay.

As their digital influencer, SAM, which is a place for brand new events and is also the avatar image of the Samsung brand spirit; their island in Fortnite is called Samsung Smart City, where the company believes it connects with its customers through gamification; and, most recently, the House of SAM and Decentraland. Samsung believes that organic engagement with society will increasingly become a key part of the process of unity of communication and marketing strategy of the main brands.

This includes finding out where the customers of these big brands are looking for value and fulfilling their wants and needs.

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