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Invest in these 3 cryptos for the financial year 2022: HUH Token, Bitcoin Cash, and Tron


Investing in cryptocurrencies is a great method for earning enormous gains, and as crypto gets regulated in major countries across the world, coins are set to reward their holders with potential gains. No other investment instrument has as much potential in 2022, and you can also invest in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), HUH Token (HUH), and Tron (TRX) to earn massive returns.  

HUH Token rewards its holders

The HUH Token is used as the native coin of the HUH social app and will include multiple rewards for its holders. All users will earn free rewards in the form of HUH and BNB. There are very few coins that reward their holders for holding the token in their wallets. 

The metaverse app of HUH known as MetHUH goes live next month and will reward social media users for using the ecosystem. HUH uses a novel reward mechanism where users can invite other new participants and get rewarded in the form of influencer tokens that can be exchanged for HUH. So the more people you invite, the more you earn. Buy HUH token through the native HUHSwap here.
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3% of every buy/sell event goes towards rewarding holders of HUH Token. The transaction tax is redistributed to all holders. The app seems to be generating a lot of buzz as hundreds of influencers have already posted about HUH. The HUH social app will change the way users make use of the virtual empire. It will help in realizing a good amount of earnings through social media. You can catch all the latest progress of HUH Token on Twitter or Telegram. Also, visit the site as it has been redesigned and will appeal to all social media users. 

The HUH Token will be available on multiple networks, and cross-chain compatibility will be offered by the ecosystem. Users will get to save on fees while utilizing HUH and its services. Users can also earn from yield farming and by staking the coin.   

Bitcoin Cash consolidates near the $312 region

The BCH token has seen a lot of consolidation near the $312 level and the price could spike towards the $340 region and above as whales manage to start a rally. The Bitcoin Cash coin has been trading within the range of $312-$342 for much of the past week, and rising volumes indicate that a breakout seems imminent. The BCH token can be added at these lower price levels for a potential immediate upside of 5-10%. 

Tron is trading sideways between $0.05-$0.07 

Tron has been trading sideways for the past week and has seen heavy purchases between the $0.06 to the $0.07 levels. The price seems poised for a breakout beyond the level of $0.08. The first barrier is the $0.08 level after testing which the TRX coin could spike towards the level of $0.09 levels and $0.10 levels could also open for a retest. It could be wise to add the Tron coin as it is coming up with more updates in the future. 

The Tron ecosystem was built to service the multimedia industry but has expanded and included NFTs and support for smart contracts. It was first launched as a token but later moved to its own main net and now houses a vibrant ecosystem offering diverse services. 

All three coins listed above have great upside potential in the future and can be added to get a diversified crypto portfolio. The HUH Token is available at very low prices and could soon breakout as the app is launched and users start adopting the HUH ecosystem. 

While HUH Token can provide greater returns in the shortest period, the other two coins can be used to lend some stability to the portfolio. You can learn more about HUH Token at the links that are provided at the end of this article. 






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