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How Launchpads Like BoostX, BullPerks, and Launchpool Can Make Investing Easier For You


Sometimes the crypto market can become quite overwhelming for an investor. With the values of each coin changing every day, it’s not easy to know which crypto project is the best one to invest in. With the recent dip in the crypto market, more investors have been leaning towards investing in new projects that are in the presale stage. Not only are the prices low, but investors can watch the project grow and succeed over time. 
Nevertheless, the same issue arises as investors may struggle to find the right project. Fortunately, launchpads help solve this problem. By showcasing the best crypto projects in presale, investors can trust each project and choose the one they find best suited for them. Some of the best launchpads include BoostX, BullPerks, and Launchpool.


BoostX is a multi-chain launchpad that enables new projects to raise capital, build a community, market effectively as well as ensure the safety of early investors. Known to be one of the most diverse launchpads on the market, BoostX ensures to handpick each project and ensure it is reliable and safe for investors

Additionally, BoostX has many features that make it unique from other launchpad platforms. For example, a dynamic dashboard to allow projects to help them diversify their features including dynamic pricing, static pricing, bonuses, and more. This is great for the project as they can play around with different options, helping the project stand out. 

In terms of marketing, BoostX also ensures to help projects by promoting them via a team of experienced journalists. By publishing articles about each project with BoostX’s collection of crypto news outlets, the project’s SEO and google ranking will also be improved. 

On the other hand, this is also a good thing for investors as the projects are more likely to do well with the marketing advantage, meaning that they will yield better results in the long run. 


Described as the fairest and most community-oriented launchpad in the market, BullPerks is a decentralized, multi-chain launchpad. A lot of decentralized launchpads have high entry and have become private member clubs after their token price increases. However, BullPerks aims to democratize investment opportunities for the community which is why a 6-tier system has been put in place to provide a fair share of allocations for each investor.
In just 2021, BullPerks has managed to raise over $9.5 million for its projects. Showcasing its trustworthiness and focusing heavily on the community, BullPerks is also a great launchpad to use to find new projects currently in presale.

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How Launchpads Like BoostX, BullPerks, and Launchpool Can Make Investing Easier For You 2


Another new launchpad to enter the market, Launchpool is a community-centric platform that prides itself on being a fair launchpad that works for all stakeholders, providing all users with a guaranteed allocation of a project

Carefully handpicking each project, Launchpool ensures only the highest quality projects for its users. Being cross-chain, there are a range of projects from Ethereum’s blockchain, Binance Smart Chain and so on. 

Within 20 projects in presale, Launchpool managed to raise over $5 million and holds a community of over 35,000 users. Despite being a new platform, it has shown how well it can do by putting the community first.

Which Launchpad To Use?

All three launchpads have shown great potential to help find reliable projects for their users, however, one that stands out more so than the others is BoostX. With its diverse range of projects and key features, BoostX seems to be the launchpad to use when it comes to finding the right crypto project to suit your needs. 


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