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Genesis Funds Are Not Falling Out of the Agenda


Genesis Funds Are Not Falling Out of the Agenda. Barry Silbert’s response comes after Gemini Cameron Winklevoss wrote an open letter accusing DCG of “bad faith tactics” on Twitter.

On Monday, Barry Silbert, the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group (DCG), released a response to an open letter regarding DCG’s alleged $1.675 billion debt. The issue was first raised by Gemini staff member Cameron Winklevoss in an open letter he posted on the microblogging site Twitter on January 2.

Cameron’s Open Letter to Silvert

It comes after Cameron tweeted against the DCG chief via a Twitter post earlier today highlighting the delay in canceling Genesis. He spoke about 340,000 Get customers who are waiting for withdrawals to resume with digital assets worth more than $900 million.

Know by Barry Silvert

On the other hand, Silbert’s tweets focused mainly on dismissing any missing debt and stressing to followers that DCG has never had interest payments and is new to all loans. available; and the next payment is due in May 2023.

The DCG chairman also said that the next payment will be in May 2023. On top of that, he made it clear that his company’s efforts to deliver a working solution to Gemini users on December 29 were invisible and misunderstood by the Genesis team.

Winklevoss January 8 Ultimatum

Considering the large number of customers who trust Genesis, Winklevoss said Silbert’s actions were inexcusable and reprehensible.

The founder of the Gemini crypto exchange continued to challenge Silbert to publicly agree to resolve this issue by January 8. On November 16, 2022, shortly after the collapse of the FTX empire, Genesis made an important political decision. It has been announced by the digital asset manager’s lending department that it will temporarily stop paying with the start of new loans. Although a few people started speculating about Genesis bankruptcy, the crypto company later removed those claims.

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