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FTX Hacker Moved Funds to Bitcoin Mixer


The FTX hacker moved the seized funds to the Bitcoin mixer called ChipMixer.

Crypto analyst ZachXBT discussed the fate of stolen funds from FTX.

FTX Hacker Uses Bitcoin Mixer

Analyst ZachXBT announced that the first batch of 360 BTC from the FTX attack was moved to CHIPMIXER.

Mixer uses the services to hide the ownership of cryptocurrencies. Usually, hackers take advantage of such services. Thus, it becomes impossible for AML services to track funds.
A large part of the seized BTC was transported via the Ren Protocol (REN). In a report on the Chainabuse platform, ZachXBT shared the details of many addresses on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and Polygon Network (MATIC) used by the FTX hacker.

The hacker seized funds worth about $477 million shortly after FTX went bankrupt.

Another analyst, FatManTerra, came up with an interesting theory about ChipMixer. According to him, this service may be managed by US government agencies in order to eliminate the secrecy of Bitcoin and make transfers anonymous.

According to the analyst, while there is a great pressure of the state on Tornado Cash, ChipMixer is still actively used.

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