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FTX Announcement from the CEO of Binance Will Be Talked a Lot!


As the repercussions of the FTX crisis continue both in the US and globally, critical statements came from Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao.

CZ Criticized Kevin O’Leary, Saying: ‘Seriously..?’

Businessman Kevin O’Leary, in an interview with Yahoo Finance on December 6, asked for a thorough investigation of the important details in the collapse of FTX. The famous investor had argued that former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), who dealt a big blow to the market by going bankrupt, should be considered innocent unless reliable evidence emerges that he committed fraud. O’LERARY emphasized that FTX should be audited in order to reveal where the money was transferred to the exchange so that investors could get their money back. The expert said in a statement, ”I am one of the people who support the argument that you are innocent until proven guilty of any crime. I believe in this and I want the facts to come to light,‘ he said.

Kevin O’Leary claims that he was paid $ 15 million to act as a spokesman for FTX, the crypto currency exchange that announced its bankruptcy, while revealing that he lost $ 10 million. ”Apparently, $15 million not only changed O’Leary’s mind, but also put him in the same position as a scammer,” said Binance CEO CZ, who tweeted about this situation today. Is O’Leary really defending the SBF?” he explained.

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