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Fans Didn’t Like The Netflix’s Stranger Things NFT


The new Stranger Things minigame for Netflix including NFTs isn’t so famous with fans.

Stranger Things: Netflix minigame with NFTs as prizes isn’t valued The Eleven NFT Poster

NFTs are draining in all areas, yet not all organizations benefit similarly. This was the situation with Netflix, with the new ‘Stranger Things‘ minigame delivered by Candy Digital’s NFT stage, which, it appears, isn’t really valued by fans.

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Essentially, Stranger Things requests that players address riddles to acquire NFTs from the show’s stars. The NFTs in the minigame are 11,111 created on Candy Digital’s Palm blockchain (an Ethereum layer 2 sidechain) and demonstrate responsibility for of the five advanced banners.

In the current week’s new round of the minigame, players should settle conundrums to procure one of four free NFT banners of characters Mike Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Will Byers or Argyle.

“another stranger game starts. 4 riddles, 4 weeks, and 11,111 free restrictive Digital ST4 Collectibles to be won. you simply have to figure out the code: “.

Stranger Things: fans’ negative responses to NFTs from Netflix’s down

Responses from Stranger Things fans on Twitter were blended, with many being insulted at the simple presence of NFTs.

“you think we care about Nft’s?”

Or on the other hand, among the people who attempted to play, somebody griped that they were over and again disengaged from their record while attempting to finish the test.

Another fan called NFTs a trick and communicated dissatisfaction at Netflix’s contribution around here:

“I profoundly love Stranger Things, however I’m significantly frustrated that Netflix concluded it’d be smart to run a NFT grift on its fans. I’d very much want to play the games and settle the secrets like the ARG for season three, yet no. I’m not going even close to this rubbish. Improve”.

Gaming, NFTs and the metaverse

In the gaming business, negative responses towards NFTs and the metaverse are the same old thing.


The current instance of Netflix, follows that of SEGA which supposedly sent off its down on blockchain determined to send off NFTs for Play-to-Earn, yet was obstructed by the uninterested response of its fans.

Conversely, different monsters, for example, Nintendo, prior to making a move, had decided to comprehend how to involve NFTs and metaverse innovations in a manner that would make happiness for their fans.

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