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Eyes Are at this Critical Level in Bitcoin! According to the Legendary Analyst, The Moment It Is Passed, There Will Be a Big Explosion!


Michaël van de Poppe, a legendary cryptocurrency analyst and trader with his analysis, predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) is preparing to break a major resistance and will come forward with a rally that will make a big explosion if it breaks.

Marked the Critical Level in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe, who made evaluations in a new YouTube strategy session, told his more than 160 thousand subscribers that BTC is on the verge of rising above 30 thousand dollars.

Biggest crypto money while under 18 thousand dollars, would be consolidated in the range 700 to $ 17 thousand 17 thousand 500 dollar Poppe stating that, at this point, by the rise of bitcoin would be to break the resistance of the lock doalr 18 thousand 300 and rapidly responded, noting that it would continue in the upward direction:

we are experiencing a decline towards 17 thousand 500 to 17 thousand 700 dollars. This is the December you will want to start buying and then we may see the rise continue. As soon as we break the important resistance, which corresponds to $ 18,300, we will return to this range and most likely we will cross and cross it quite quickly … That’s when I definitely expect the 21 December to be crossed and the continuation to come. Potentially even higher levels will be seen.

Analyst’s Target of 45 Thousand Dollars in BTC

He claimed that Bitcoin could climb towards 45 thousand dollars, because market conditions are shaping up as when the largest crypto currency went on a bull rally in 2019:

We are entering a phase where it will most likely be continued on risky assets. We are experiencing a relief rally in the bear market, we are moving into a phase as we saw in 2019. That’s why you can start building your portfolio and accumulate even more. Let’s say it exceeded 30 thousand dollars, this will actually offer you an incredible opportunity, and there will be a big rally towards 35 thousand dollars, 40 thousand dollars, 45 thousand dollars to the dollar.

The largest crypto currency Bitcoin is trading at 17 thousand 595 dollars with a decrease of 1.29 percent recorded in the last 24 hours at the time of preparation of this article.

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