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Everything You Need To Know About Immunicorn Finance (IMU)


Immunicorn Finance (IMU) from the beginning of its creation has promised to bring a new wave of well-thought-out game theories into the blockchain market with the use of minting and staking.

Even with this promise of greatness, there are still unanswered questions about Immunicorn and curious gazes are still looking at it in suspicion with so many new cryptocurrencies being churned out that have turned out to be scams, one must find out enough information about a token before purchasing it. Here are important things to be noted before following your instincts to go for Immunicorn Finance (IMU).

What is Immunicorn Finance (IMU)?

Immunicorn Finance (IMU) is a word that was coined from the words immune and unicorn. It was built to act as a decentralized reserve for the BNB chain. This cryptocurrency will bring a new order to the blockchain world and it’ll be like nothing was ever seen before. 

The word immune being a part of its name means it is immune and protected from a large number of dangerous things that can happen and unicorns can be used to describe something rare and difficult to obtain.

What is Immunicorn Finance IMU
Everything You Need To Know About Immunicorn Finance (IMU) 2

What are Immunicorn Finance (IMU) ecosystem offerings?

  • Immunicorn Staking; This will mostly come from supply growth. The immunicorn finance protocol will mint new $IMU tokens from their treasury and the large majority will then be put into stakes, thereby making it so that the gain from stakes comes from the compounding of balances. However, price exposure plays a key role in this. 
  • Minting with Immunicorn: minters on the immunicorn platform will earn their biggest benefits from price consistency. The minters first have to commit to a capital upfront, after which they will be promised a fixed return which will be given at a set time, the return is made in $IMU tokens. It is important to also note that minters benefit from a rise in the price of the platform’s native token. 
  • Lending with Immunicorn; users of the immunicorn platform can lend their assets to the platform which would then be used as a liquidity pool. 

Why did Immunicorn Finance choose the BNB Smart Chain?

The BNB Smart Chain is one of the biggest and most popular blockchain networks in the world currently and has dedicated its time to delivering important and necessary infrastructures for public adoption. Immunicorn Finance (IMU) chose the BNB Smart Chain after taking the time to see how well the network has proven time and time again that it is a reliable platform.

BNB Smart Chain also boasts of smart contract programmability, which is one of the key reasons it was chosen by Immunicorn as the platform seeks to keep itself and its users protected. 

The users of Immunicorn’s platform due to it being built on the BNB smart chain network will also enjoy a cheaper cost of transactions and a fast-paced transaction time. 

What are the goals of Immunicorn Finance (IMU)?

Immunicorn Finance seeks to build a policy-controlled platform that would allow their native token, the $IMU token, to be controlled at a high level by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The platform will help create a world in which the blockchain industry will no longer be bounded by traditional financing.

However, even with all these highlighted, it is important to note that before you purchase any cryptocurrency, you do your due research as the crypto market is a volatile one and things can change, Although I am positive Immunicorn Finance (IMU) is a project that will do well. 

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