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Dogeliens (DOGET), STEPN (GMT), and ApeCoin (APE): These Three Can Help You Make a Fortune in This Crypto Crash!


The meme coins pioneered by Dogecoin have had a big increase since 2020. The DOGE token is currently in the top 100, along with the Shiba Inu. Almost all of the meme tokens are created for humor and their only function is to be a standard means of payment. The Dogeliens (DOGET) project has attracted attention recently and is preparing to bring a different perspective to this field by bringing together the meme culture and the metaverse.

Dogeliens (DOGET) Is a Must-Buy Even in a Bear Market!

Dogeliens (DOGET) is, first and foremost, a DeFi protocol. There are many applications in the Dogeliens ecosystem. The first of these is a stock market. In this exchange, where all users can trade as they wish, no user needs third-party applications. There is also an academy on the Dogeliens (DOGET) platform. Although the entrance to the academy is free, it is stated that small fees will be charged for the development of the academy in some departments.

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The 3% fees to be collected from each transaction to be carried out in the ecosystem will be distributed to charities. The Dogeliens (DOGET) community will determine the charities where this distribution will be made. In addition, thanks to the games that will take place on the platform, many users will have access to play and win prizes.

STEPN (GMT), Good Bet Against Inflation!

STEPN (GMT) is a new crypto project that has a unique idea for NFTs. It is designed to be a lifestyle app that allows users to earn rewards for walking. The project is still in its early stages but has already gained some traction among the crypto community. STEPN (GMT)‘s main purpose is to provide a way for people to earn rewards for walking. The project team believes this will help promote healthy lifestyles and encourage people to get outside and walk more.

The project’s features include a map that allows users to track their steps, a wallet for storing GMT tokens, and a reward system that gives users GMT tokens for walking. The project also has a social media platform where users can share their walking experiences and connect with other like-minded people. Despite the current crypto crash, STEPN (GMT)‘s team is confident that the project has what it takes to succeed. They are currently working on adding new features and expanding the project’s reach.

ApeCoin (APE), With Fellow Apes, No Inflation Can Hurt You!

ApeCoin (APE) is a cryptocurrency that was created to provide a digital currency for the ape community. ApeCoin (APE)’s main features include privacy, security, and decentralization. ApeCoin (APE) was released in early 2018, and its price has fluctuated since then. However, the crypto crash of 2022 brought the price down to its current level. Despite this, the ApeCoin (APE) team remains optimistic about the future of their project and its potential to provide apes with a secure and convenient way to transact.


The environment of trust in the market can be shaken from time to time. However, with careful due diligence, astute investors can find great fortune during these times. In this article, we have highlighted three coins that we believe offer great potential for returns despite the current crypto crash. Do your own research and consult a financial advisor before investing any funds, but we believe that Dogeliens (DOGET), STEPN (GMT), and ApeCoin (APE) all hold promise for those willing to take a chance in this volatile market.

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