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Project leader Daniele Sestagalli then decided to end the project against the wishes of its community


Wonderland clients have predominantly casted a ballot to put $25 million in tokens made by their previous Chief Financial Office (CFO), 0xSifu.

The vote which shut on Friday showed that 89.27% of respondents were supportive of the proposition to purchase up $25 million $SIFU vision tokens.

As per 0xSifu, $SIFU vision will be “proceeding with the vision that I initially had for Wonderland, without the grinding of irreconcilable circumstance and DAO.”


Recently, the Wonderland people group casted a ballot by 87.56% to remove 0xSifu from the convention after it was uncovered that he was an indicted fraudster and criminal.

Who is 0xSifu?

In Jan, an examination by crypto detective ZachXBT uncovered that 0xSifu was the pen name the sentenced fraudster Michael Patryn. Patryn legitimately changed his name in 2003 from Omar Dhanani to Omar Patryn, and in 2008 to Michael Patryn.

Patryn is connected to a not insignificant rundown of violations tracing all the way back to 2005 including bank card extortion and fraud. Patryn ultimately burned through year and a half in a U.S. jail subsequent to growing his crook resume to incorporate theft, stupendous robbery and PC misrepresentation.

After his delivery from prison and removal to Canada, Patryn proceeded to turn into the prime supporter of the famous Canadian crypto trade QuadrigaCX in 2013. Patryn’s association finished in 2016 when individual prime supporter Gerald Cotten tried to take the calamity trade public.


In 2018 Cotten passed on, whereupon it was uncovered that nearly $200 million of clients’ assets were absent. QuadrigaCX has since turned into a maxim for the exceptionally most terrible that the crypto business brings to the table, developing to an embarrassment of such stunning magnitude the issue has been deified with a Netflix narrative.

Under the 0xSifu personality, Patryn later inveigled his direction to the highest point of Wonderland’s pecking order, overseeing a depository which, at its pinnacle, was esteemed at $1 billion. Indeed, even as Wonderland turned out to find true success, his contribution nearly ensured its breakdown.


Project pioneer Daniele Sestagalli then, at that point, chose to end the undertaking against the desires of its local area.

Reserves are in Sifu hands

Following the breakdown of Wonderland, Sifu was quick to cash out his extravagant Ethereum stash. Altogether, Patryn transfered $8.3M through crypto blending administration Tornado Cash.

Presently the previous QuadrigaCX and Wonderland man can zero in on his next strong undertaking, Sifu Vision. Anything that that vision is, there is a long list of reasons to accept it will be an enormous monetary accomplishment for Michael Patryn.

Every other person will simply need to take their risks. The inquiry the vast majority could pose is “The reason?”

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