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CZ Made a Statement About Binance’s BTC Movement


Binance transferred 127 thousand Bitcoins (BTC) worth $ 2.06 billion from one cold wallet to another wallet.

While this Bitcoin transfer resonated on Twitter, users wondered the reason for the transfer. On the other hand, Bitcoin is currently trading at the level of 16 thousand dollars.

More Than 127 Thousand Bitcoins Were Transferred to a Wallet by Binance

Bitcoin (BTC) price broke the support level of 16,5 thousand dollars with a sharp decline today. Analysts expect the arrival of 14,5 thousand dollars for the confirmation of the bottom in Bitcoin. However, some analysts believe that based on the old dynamics of the bear market, the BTC price may rise from current levels.
Binance CEO CZ made a statement on his Twitter account on the curiosity of more than 127 thousand Bitcoins carried. CZ said the move was part of a Proof-of-Reserve Audit.

Whale Alert revealed in a Tweet on November 28 that 127,351 BTC worth $2.06 billion had been transferred from crypto exchange Binance to an unknown wallet. The crypto community has expressed concern about the reason behind the huge amount of Bitcoin moving from Binance.

Lookonchain has revealed that Binance has indeed transferred all 127,351 BTC from a cold wallet to a new wallet address. The Binance cold wallet is now worth zero. Meanwhile, the crypto community is discussing what levels can come in BTC, as Bitcoin saw a sudden sell-off today.

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