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Correlation in Ripple (XRP) Price Increase


Correlation in Ripple (XRP) Price Increase. The on-chain research company Santiment sees the principle of high public governance and in the same way a large redemption and address service for the sixth largest cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP).

The impact is felt in the price, as XRP is one of the top earners among the 10 cryptocurrencies from the main market on December 1. 11, before its price dropped slightly. Santiment wrote: “XRP network is up +6.2% in the last 24 hours as many cryptos are down today.

This is in part due to the large volume of address work over the past week. We also saw a series of large spikes in social media leading to XRP gains.” At the time of writing, XRP was up 3.08% to $0.374. A good idea comes down to investment products. According to a recent report from CoinShares, despite the release of $9.7 million in digital investment products last week, investors invested $3 million in XRP.

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Ripple vs. SEC: Legal Battle Continues as the Investment Community Awaits a Decision on XRP’s Fate

CoinShares gives the reason: “The clarity of its legal filing with the SEC can be seen as a positive sign for XRP by the investment community.” Ripple just marked the second day of an ongoing legal battle with the SEC to address some important questions about the limits of the SEC’s authority. Summary judgment in the case has been successfully completed and is currently awaiting the judge’s decision.

This week, Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed their response against any other action to close some documents related to the collection of lawsuits. The case is expected to be settled in the first half of 2023, according to many forecasts. James K. Filan predicts a decision no later than March 31, 2023. Apart from the favorable opinion about the case, the wind of the Flare token that stopped may lead to an increase in the XRP dominance level. In Jan.

On January 9, Flare began its airdrop with XRP holders and exchanges that participated holding at least 10 XRP at the time of the photo. #XRP

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