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Core Scientific is Not Stopping Bitcoin Production Against Crypto Winter!


Even as a winter storm hit the United States, bitcoin miner Core Scientific increased bitcoin production from 1,356 BTC to 1,435 BTC in December. Like other companies, it reduced its electricity supply last month. Bitcoin mining company Core Scientific produced 5.8% more bitcoin in the month of December, although it stopped production in the middle of the winter storm.

The hashrate of independent mining companies increased from 15.4 PE/s to 15.7 PE/s between November and December, leading to an increase in bitcoin production. Last month’s storm caused many businesses to temporarily shut down due to power outages and requests from network operators.

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Marathon’s Data Center Experiences Outages, Leading to Reduction in Hash Rate

“During the months of November and December, the company experienced multiple outages at its data center,” Core Scientific said in a statement. The reduction amounted to 5,828 hours and 17,179 megawatt hours, respectively.

Marathon’s overall hash rate reached 23.7 PE/s in December, including independent mining and other hosting services. However, it has been given the green light to lower the temperature to 37,000 degrees Celsius.

The company recently filed for bankruptcy in a proposed deal to convert most of its debt into equity.

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