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The rise of cryptocurrencies has opened several challenges and concerns for business economics. There are plenty of stories where small amounts of money turned into huge sums over a short period. There’s a lot of news about millionaires who started young and ended up with substantial bank accounts. 

The price of cryptocurrencies is speculative. Therefore, you need to pick the right cryptocurrency and be comfortable holding them for a long time to get good profits. However, the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market can make you lose fortunes. The crypto crash a few weeks ago has left investors in an awful state, wiping away more than $2 trillion from the market. Following a time-tested approach or searching for early cryptocurrencies with unique ideas and real-world applications is best. 

VertoChain (VERT) is a new cryptocurrency that has plans to revitalize the world of crypto space through its DeFi protocols that will improve users’ access to digital assets through blockchain and near-zero charges on transactions. 

VertoChain (VERT) 

VertoChain (VERT), a platform specially designed on Binance Smart Chain, comes with exciting features like multi-chain farming, liquidity provision, and yield farming at the most competitive rates. Complete democratization of power among users will be offered, so they have a say in how platforms run and possible changes to improve them.

This platform offers peer-to-peer trading and swapping of assets across five blockchains. It seeks to design an ecosystem that is self-sustainable in the long term. VertoChain (VERT) is integrated with smart contracts to ensure all transactions are secure and automated.  

Transactions on VertoChain (VERT) will be automated, ensuring no third party is involved in your transactions. Moreover, users will reward referrals on the platform to promote organic marketing among crypto enthusiasts. 

Elrond (EGLD) 

Elrond (EGLD) is a third-generation smart contract platform that uses sharding to process transactions faster. This platform is a highly scalable, secure, and fast blockchain for distributed apps, enterprise use cases, and the new internet economy. It comes with a six-second block time, meaning that transactions are executed in real-time with few delays. 

Adaptive sharding technology can increase the number of transactions per second. It can process up to 16,000 transactions per second with the Elrond (EGLD) mechanism. It focuses on providing a platform that allows anyone to quickly send digital currencies with minimal fees. This network uses proof-of-stake consensus as a security algorithm to carry out validations. 

This blockchain protocol has established itself to provide the new internet through its technological ecosystem. Moreover, its sharding technology will offer perfect solutions to scalability issues. 

elrond verto chain image

Theta Network (THETA) 

Theta Network (THETA), a third-generation entertainment-focused blockchain developed to challenge the centralization and pains that video streaming platforms today have. To cut the cost of operation for video streaming services like youtube, this platform will reduce the load on the content distribution network. 

By identifying several issues with content delivery networks, this platform aims to solve them effectively by creating Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks and allowing consumers to earn a token while sharing resources and improving the network’s overall performance, especially 4k video. 

Its specially designed ecosystem will allow viewers to use tokens to reward content creators directly, with intermediaries being cut out of the process, ensuring content creators do not rely heavily on advertisers or third-party hosting sites. In addition, it aims to offer smooth video streaming of high-quality videos without consumers incurring high technological costs. 

Final Verdict

The number of people swarming the crypto space is increasing daily, and most DeFi platforms cannot cater to the entire community in one go. However, VertoChain (VERT) compares favorably against the industry giants in features, delivery standpoints, and customer service. The Defi industry is on a boom right now, and VertoChain (VERT) has an immense potential to give new opportunities to its users. 

Theta Network (THETA) and Elrond (EGLD) have their benefits. Still, both have their setbacks, just like other cryptocurrencies. Both cryptocurrencies are currently facing centralization and cross-chain interoperability issues. VertoChain (VERT) is in the presale stage and can change the DeFi sector with its unique roadmap. You can read more about it by visiting their website below. 

VertoChain (VERT)





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