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Bitcoin Lightning-Based Strike Has Taken a New Step


Bitcoin Lightning-based crypto pay platform Strike has added 3 new options for its US customers within the scope of global transfers.

Crypto coins reached a record usage in 2021. In the following process, the crypto industry entered the impact of a bear market. However, there is more and more interest in crypto currencies day by day. In particular, there has been an increase in interest in the metaverse and NFT fields on a global scale. Users are flocking to use these two areas and consider them as investments. Outside the negative mood of the bear market, crypto organizations focused on development work.

In the crypto market, whose price has experienced a strong decline, preparations have begun for the next bull season. Companies, in particular, have not been afraid to invest. Crypto payment platform Strike is paying intensive overtime within the scope of platform and project developments.

Strike, Serving on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, Focused on Global Expansion

Strike, which is based on Bitcoin Lightning, has brought a new feature to US users thanks to the send globally feature. US users of Strike will now be able to transfer transactions to three African countries. These countries were Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

According to the press release, the new feature is based on a partnership with the African pay platform Bitnob. The feature supported by Bitnob will make it easier to perform fast transfer transactions.

“High fees, slow settlement and a lack of innovation in cross-border payments have negatively impacted the developing world,” said Jack Mallers, Strike founder and CEO. In addition, Mallers noted that his company offers people the opportunity to send US dollars easily and instantly.

The crypto paying company aims to further its efforts on the African side with these studies.

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