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Binance Announces Industry Map


Binance Research, the research arm of Binance, the global cryptocurrency exchange, has released the second version of the Industry Map. The report breaks down different verticals into different categories and highlights a few jobs in each. Binance’s corporate map covers six verticals

The second phase of the industry map covers six fields – Hardware, DeFi, NFTs GameFi, Decentralized Social and DAO Tooling. In vertical infrastructure, the cryptocurrency exchange looked at projects in the areas of scalability and accuracy, data use and resources, security and privacy, and computing and content delivery.

In the DeFi sector, investment, financing, trading, integration and risk management are the main areas of focus. Markets, finance and services are the main areas to look for NFT-related services. News is not primarily investment advice

Binance research made it clear that the findings of the report should not be financial advice, recommendations, offers or requests to buy or sell any securities or cryptocurrencies, or to accept any trading strategy.

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