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Attention of Crypto Owners! What Does the Future Say?


The WEF blog published recently said that 2022 is a difficult year for crypto, because more than $ 2 trillion has gone.

The blog adds: What big banks and mature financial institutions do, not what they say. The report reiterated the importance of reducing risks to privacy by encouraging its use.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published a blog explaining the future of cryptocurrencies, as part of the annual meeting. The blog admits that 2022 is a difficult year for crypto, because more than $ 2 trillion has left the speculative market.

The crypto industry and financial markets in general are seen as a solution to the financial crisis that caused the 2008 financial crisis. However, the confidence of investors from consumers and businesses that have lost began to decline.

Big crypto companies like Celsius, Terra, and FTX have also given policymakers another reason to strengthen crypto laws as they continue to highlight the risks that come with it. But even with all the chaos surrounding crypto, the underlying blockchain technology has stood the test of time.

The blog said: Although the underlying crypto and blockchain technologies are common to all industries and regulatory services (the total architecture of Web3), testing at the heart of financial services, among other industries, is keep going without stopping.

The article continues to add: In fact, to test the resilience of digital assets and blockchains at the heart of financial services (and other parts of the global economy), look at what the big banks and companies is happening. of mature financial services, it is not. what they say.

The WEF added that crypto is vulnerable and gives criminals few places to hide. The blog reiterated the need to reduce the risk of crypto by putting blockchain technology in the hands of “actors” and encourages the use of its services.

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