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Anna Delvey The Scammer Will Launch Her Own NFTs


Sentenced trickster Anna Sorokin, also called Anna Delvey, is hoping to give non-fungible tokens (NFTs) trying to move away from her con artist persona.


Sorokin let NBC News know that she has printed 10 elite NFTs that will give holders “selective access” to her, for example, one-on-one call and restrictive livestreams, while three “ultra platinum” NFTs permit an in-person gathering and a bundle of “individual things” from her time in jail.

“I’m attempting to create some distance from this like, quote unquote trickster persona,” Sorokin said while imprisoned in New York’s Orange County Correctional Facility. “”This is, as thoroughly, has been moved upon me by the indictment and by the accompanying media and by the Netflix show, yet I’m attempting to get away from that.”

The phony socialite is referring to the Netlix miniseries “Developing Anna” wherein her adventures misleading New York’s high society and evading paying lodgings, cafés, and banks, among others were the central subject.

As though to gain by the show’s ubiquity, Sorkin’s NFT assortment is named “Reinventing Anna.”

“It’s sort of one of the initial steps I’m taking to begin to recount my own story,” Sorokin said, adding that the “blockchain will be exceptionally useful for the NFT craftsman” to “recover the proprietorship and benefitting from future deals.”

She trusts that the NFT assortment and other future undertakings will offer her a chance to concentrate her energy into “something lawful.”

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