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Flare Airdrop Report: David Schwartz, Ripple CTO, seems to have no interest in airdrop distribution and the said rules do not leave an incentive.

Flare Airdrop News: The expected airdrop of the FLR network token for the native Ripple crypto, XRP holders have completed after the major digital asset exchange took over. However, Ripple’s CTO doesn’t like wireless distribution.

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Ripple CTO Doesn’t Like Flare Airdrop

David Schwartz, Ripple CTO in a tweet pointed out that the order to hold FLR now leaves no incentive. While promoting the sale of their Flare logo now. However, he said the borrowers will not lose anything if they sell now. He added that it is true that they will not get these flights.

The recipient will receive 100% of their profit when they decide to sell their Flare while the buyer can quickly bundle the Flare and receive an airdrop. However, Ripple CTO found this decision surprising. He said that there is only one way, to put it simply, the network does not want to keep its promise and only wants to distribute 15% of everything promised.

Ripple CTO said that he is sad because he loves this project and wants the best, but in his honest opinion, FLR made the XRP community grow. However, the network broke its promise when it thought it no longer needed them. Schwartz said that they are saying that XRP has started and has not fulfilled some of the promises that were made at the time.

FLR Price Down 45%

The cost of flares has dropped by more than 45% since the airing. FLR is trading at an average price of $0.0436, at the time of reporting. Its 24-hour trading volume was up 15% to $83.3 million.a

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