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A Big Bet on Digital Assets By Research Company


Citron Research is betting big against cryptocurrencies. In particular, the company is focusing on Ethereum, which it claims is the best short-term asset at the time of writing.

Lemon Research Boosts Ethereum

Crypto is treated unfairly in 2022. It is clearly the worst year for the opportunity, and many digital currencies and blockchain companies are filing for bankruptcy and falling on the terrestrial grid . It’s a sad and tragic thing to see, and this was triggered by the crash in digital currency prices that consumers were forced to endure.

Bitcoin – the world’s largest and most powerful digital currency by market capitalization – has lost more than 70% of its value in the past 13 months. In November last year, the asset was trading at a high time of about $ 68,000 per unit, although now, the price is trading between $ 16,000.

Other traditional assets, such as Ethereum, have followed suit, and overall the digital currency space has lost more than $2 trillion in total value. Citron Research believes that Ethereum is performing exceptionally well, and is a valuable asset for many investors. Although not as big as bitcoin, for example, the Ethereum network continues to attract crypto developers, who see it as the main blockchain to build assets or services. new.

The network has also recently been boosted by proof of work (PoW), which relies on mining as bitcoin does, proof-of-stake (PoS).

Ethereum is currently operating under the name of “Ethereum 2.0,” it is alleged to be faster and less expensive due to traffic and gas. The switch is called Merge, and it is said to have helped Ethereum become more powerful.

Citron says it’s more about selling when FTX crashes. In a statement, the company said that this was a good situation where everyone got involved because they thought the workers knew what they were doing. The company said:

This shows that there are many stocks that raise the misconception that someone else has done their homewor. The US government should be ashamed to allow someone to come close to the sanctity of the government and influence that -don’t even check the tax return. Andrew Left doesn’t care about crypto
The idea from Citron should not be surprising given that its founder – a man named Andrew Left – has only bashed crypto for the past few years. In a recent lecture, Left told an audience:

I think crypto is just [a] complete scam over and over again. Maybe it’s time to finally [listen to] the doubters instead of slandering them.

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