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Cryptocurrencies have been getting a lot of buzz over the last decade because of the potential to reshape the financial sector. It is one of the most popular investments these days. Rapid growth in the price graph has left people breathless. However, investing in something based entirely on speculation nowadays is a guaranteed way to introduce volatility in your portfolio. 

The recent crypto crash is another example of volatility. So far, more than $3 Trillion has been completely wiped away from the crypto market, and investors are looking for alternative options to invest in it. To build wealth quickly, investors lost a considerable amount of their savings in this crash. However, many investors become millionaires from cryptocurrency as well, but it isn’t as easy as it looks. Play-to-Earn gaming has taken the crypto world by storm, and the rise of blockchain technology has led to a paradigm shift in the gaming industry that lets players earn through in-game activity. 

Metamortals (MORT) is a new cryptocurrency that brought the Play-to-Earn concept to the GameFi sector. It uses blockchain technology to play games and earn tokens easily. The project combines two prevalent industries: cryptocurrencies and video games. As this is an early-stage industry, it has excellent growth potential. 

Metamortals (MORT) 

Metamortals (MORT) is a blockchain-based DeFi game where users can enjoy Play-to-Earn games without dealing with expensive minimum requirements. This fantasy and adventurous based platform will allow users to take the form of virtual characters and explore. Its time-elapsed gameplay contains exciting features, especially the twist and turns, which will keep the user experience exhilarating. 

With the opportunity to customize gaming experiences, users will be able to craft fantasy worlds they have always wanted to experience. Tournaments will be held, and leaderboards will be created to display the ranking of different players. In addition, users can earn money by participating in different community-building exercises. 

It comes with cutting-edge technology which combines savings, entertainment, and earnings. In addition, this platform gives users real-time value, enabling them to earn cryptocurrency in different games, improving their chances of gaining money. 

Metamortals (MORT) will reduce user anxiety by staking incentives and Liquidity Farming pools that entertain users while making money. Specially designed to be safe and fast with meager trading fees, this platform will allow gamers and crypto enthusiasts to carry out frequent transactions without worrying about spending a lot of fees. 


Aave (AAVE)

Aave (AAVE) is a decentralized leading protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows users to lend, borrow, and earn interests on crypto assets, all without middlemen. This open-source lending platform is motivated to provide a transparent and open infrastructure for decentralized finance. Aave is an innovative contract system that enables assets to be easily managed by a distributed network of computers running its software. It is a non-custodial protocol for liquidity providers and borrowers. 

Aave (AAVE) has the potential for high returns. This platform provides two key innovations to the lending ecosystem. Firstly, it provides users with stable rates that help borrowers do financial planning. Secondly, the other one of the main features of Aave(AAVE) is the availability of flash loans. 

Zilliqa (ZIL) 

Zilliqa (ZIL) is a public, permissionless third-generation blockchain specially designed to offer high throughput and the ability for thousands of transactions to be executed per second. This platform aims to empower innovators by eliminating some of the most significant issues facing blockchain users and developers. In addition, it will increase user scalability through the application of a shared network. 

It has a thriving marketplace designed to help established artists sell their art. This platform supports physical art and NFTs giving artists access to an easy-to-sell platform. In addition, it will allow developers and cryptocurrency holders to create projects without high fees and general scalability restrictions. 

Final Words 

Metamortals (MORT) are creating an entirely new virtual world where people around the globe can interact with each other. Using VR, AI, and AR, it is one step ahead in the crypto gaming ecosystem. Investing in Zilliqa (ZIL) and Aave (AAVE) is a good option, but they have some drawbacks. Aave (AAVE) is currently facing high competition among the top cryptocurrencies, and hackers have previously exploited flash loans. It is also not-user friendly as some alternatives. 

Zilliqa (ZIL) has no limit on the number of transactions in theory; in practice, there is a limit on the number of nodes. Therefore, it is not Turing complete and cannot be used to create applications. Metamortals (MORT) possesses all the attributes that make it the next king of the GameFi sector. Despite it being in the presale stage, investing a minimum amount may give massive returns in the future. 

Metamortals (MORT)





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