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2 Exciting Developments in Terra Classic (LUNC): Fasten Your Seat Belts!


While the Terra Classic (LUNC) community is taking dramatic steps within the scope of the resurrection project, current developments and data are creating excitement.

The Critical Offer Has been Approved: It’s Time to Leave!

Terra Rebels, the independent community that supports the ecosystem, knew that it had approved the controversial Proposal 11030 to separate the Terra Classic community from Terraform Labs and Do Kwon. TFL manager Jared had previously stressed that the separation of Terra Classic from Terra (LUNA) was better for the project. The volunteer developer group Terra Rebels has proposed to Decouple Rebel Station from TFL infrastructure, while TFL has started working on a different cross-chain “Station” wallet and may soon end Terra Station support. Terra Rebels’ controversial Offer of 150.000 LUNC 937.500.000 worth 11030 dollars to separate Rebel Station from TFL’s infrastructure has been accepted.

The offer is an important part of the Terra Classic roadmap, which focuses on becoming independent from TFL and Terra’s founder Do Kwon. The community voted in favor of the proposal with over 71% “Yes” votes and about 6% “No” votes. More than 20% of the participants voted “Abstain” due to the controversial factor of depending solely on a team of volunteer developers for the future of Terra Classic. Meanwhile, the TerraCVita developer group is Decommissioning Terra Station after Terra Rebels chose to work exclusively on Rebel Station.

TerraCVita announced in a tweet that they voted No to the proposal and believes they will be able to maintain the TERRASTATION for free and save $150,000 from the community pool. The developer group is currently working with TFL and the Allnodes validator to run Terra Station. The validators apparently supported Proposition 11030, with 36 people voting “Yes” to the proposal. He also voted “No” to 12 confirmatory proposals.

IBC: The First Transaction Has Been Made!

In addition, the reopening of the IBC channel between the Terra Classic and Cosmos chains will undoubtedly help Decommissioning to gain momentum, while increasing the use cases. This situation will also help the LUNC price to rise. On the first day after the reopening of the IBC channels, the Terra Classic community made over Dec 111 thousand dollars in transactions through the IBC channel between the Terra Classic network and Osmosis.

Terra Rebels core developer Edward Kim had previously pointed out that the reopening of IBC would help unblock assets. Terra Classic (LUNC) price is trading at $0.000164 as of now with a decrease of 2% in the last 24 hours. The community is waiting for the big v23 Terra Classic upgrade.

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